According to a research firm. “Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain.” and this is just the beginning of what it costs to manage paper in an increasingly digital world.

Digitize and organize your paper records.

Keep information secure and easily accessible.
Of course, this in turn leads to reduced information processing costs and labor.

Eliminate the retyping of information.

Disaster recovery. Document scanning solutions, off-site data backups and other steps to ensure that a fire, flood, or break-in won’t cripple your business.

Innovative technology surrounds us in the 21 st century. In almost every aspect of our lives there’s a gadget or gizmo that saves us time, keep us connected or simply does things better than before.

Why then are we still at the mercy of something as old fashioned as paper in the workplace? whatever the reasons, it’s wasting precious time, money and natural resources that could be better used elsewhere.

We offer a comprenhensive range of digitization services including document scanning, drawing scanning, book scanning along with microfilm scanning and microfiche scanning.
Our quality Bureau scanning services ensure accurate preservation and archiving of all types and formats of paper documents, images, books and valuable data for future accessibility.

The ideal document scanning solutions for small, medium and large-sized businesses or individual departments who’s looking for a cost-efficient high end scanning solution.

Think how much time and money you’d save if you cut your printing costs in half. How much time and money would your organization save if you never had to retype or reformat a document ever again? And what about the savings you’d make if you never lost another document?
- Document scanning.
- Drawing scanning.
- Microfilm scanning.
- Document scanning.
- PDF conversion.
- OCR conversion.
- ICR conversion.
- OMR conversion.